We’re ringing in our first New Year as a Findery family, and looking back on 2016 we can’t believe all that it held! Countless hours were spent getting to hear your stories and hearts— where you were from, what brought you to Waco, and where you were in life— each will be treasured. We dreamed up projects alongside you, celebrated with you at our {Ware} House Party, searched for Felix the Elf with you, and helped create that feeling of home with you— all 175,000 of you that came through our store. You all have been what has made this year incredible!

We’ve made over 44,300 transactions and used 45,225 bags to send you home with goodies and treasures, and if you were wondering— our cute little cup towels were our best seller, with over 4,500 sold! But to be honest, we simply cannot put into words how good 2016 was to us, and since they say a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a glimpse into what the year held for The Findery:



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