It’s amazing how the things around us can effect our outlook on the day. When I’m around chaos and just stuck in our stockroom all day, I can feel it change my attitude, and the worst part is, the ones I love most usually feel it too. You know what I mean? So! I’m changing the way I work, so that my environment fuels my inspiration instead of taking from it! Here are my top 5 picks from The Findery to make a happy work environment for you – whether that be a cubicle or your kitchen counter.

Cotton Stems

1-5H4A6614-297x330Okay, let’s be real. If I could have a vase of fresh cut flowers on my desk every single day of my life, I would
be one happy camper! Realistically, they die way too quickly and it’s often not worth the money. So I’ve fallen in love with faux stems, especially faux cotton stems. Not only are they pretty, but they also bring a unexpected element to a space and just a touch of farmhouse.




Dawn Candle Holders

dawn_candle_holders_01-1-297x330At heart, Im a classic hopeless romantic, and when I can I love to add dashes of dreamy decor—like these candle holders. Their detailed cut-out creates a glow that lifts my spirits on even the craziest day.






 To go Mug

mug_to_go_01-297x330A little humor is key for a happy workspace and this mug makes me laugh every time I pick it up. So whether it’s this little pretty or a print of your favorite joke, let yourself laugh every once and a while at the silly things!






 Granny B’s Candle

1-5H4A6569-297x330All I can say are these candles are amazing. I love burning candles because they add a sense of coziness to any and every space, but Granny Bee’s candles take it to a whole other level with their incredible scents. If only you could smell them through the screen– you would buy 50 right on the spot.





 She Believed She Could 

5H4A3777-297x330Finally ladies, we need a little more encouragement in our lives—So surround yourself by it. I have this piece hanging in my daughter’s room because I want this to be the mantra of her life. You ladies are so worth investing encouragement in, so do it for yourself— Daily!


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