I have always known my little girl, Addison, had an inner diva—She’s bursting at the seams with personality and spunk. As a twin myself, I joke with her sometimes that if she had turned out to be twins, they would be running the house—Her Daddy and I are thankful that’s not the case.

Well, a few weeks ago my little girl got to live the high-life and model The Findery’s new tween fall fashions with her cousins—and man, you would have thought it was Christmas morning. The girls just loved being behind the camera, and in Addison’s case, I think it may be a foreshadowing of her future career, so I just had to share them. Plus the fashions are almost as cute as our girls…

But don’t be fooled by all their pretty smiles, like any true up and coming stars their were some tears shed and diva moments—We learned that Texas Septembers aren’t very conducive to long sleeves and winter coats, and walking through long itchy grass isn’t as fun for a five-year-old girl as you might think. Still, these will be precious memories that I hold close as I see my baby girl grow up.

Take a look for yourself and come let your little girls play dress up at The Findery—these fashions are Addison tested and approved.


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