The farmhouse look so often brings us back to our roots— Summers spent at grandma’s house running barefoot through backyards, helping pick up chicken eggs from the coop, and ending days around the table. It’s a picturesque childhood that we now idealize through family heirlooms, clean lines, and linen accents in our homes. Can we go back? No… But can we recreate our own version of a farmhouse childhood for our own little ones to experience?

Sometimes that slow pace of life seems unreachable in the always-on-the-go world that we live in—Especially when you have kiddos at home! Play dates, soccer practice, choir concerts, homework, group projects. My kids have more of a social life than I do! And on top of busy schedules, it is almost impossible to truly “unplug” these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone as much as anyone else, but running through the backyard with an iPad in your hands and earbuds in just isn’t the same picture as those “good ole day” moments I remember.

But maybe that’s the kicker—Maybe we need to stop trying so hard to go back in time, but create our own legacy of worth and value. Maybe creating a “farmhouse” childhood really looks like creating traditions that work for your family, playing hard and working harder, and curating spaces that function how you need them to.

Let’s start breaking the mold of what the perfect childhood looks like, and for that matter, what the perfect mom looks like. Cause at the end of the day, I really like the people waiting for me back at home, and even if we can’t get that perfect picture on holidays, and rooms are messier than I’d like, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


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