I have been twiddling my green thumbs for months now just waiting for warmer weather to come on the scene so I can FINALLY start getting some dirt under my nails again. I have been a plant lady for almost 50 years now and some of my plant babies are almost out of their teen years — Did you even know a plant could live 18+ years?5H4A4148-2

For me, gardening, like most, is an escape into a slower pace of life. Getting my hands dirty, adding beauty to my spaces, and watching little seedlings come to life is a particular sense of accomplishment you can’t find very many places in this “always on the go” way of life.

I learned the joys of gardening from my Daddy who had an affinity for Boston Ferns — He could grow them so big that he would split them in half and see them multiply rapidly in new pots. I’m happy to say that gardening seems to be hereditary in my family—the love for plants I learned from my father has been passed down to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. To this day, my daughter, Marci, will come over and plan her gardens and beds with me. Now my son, Matt D., well he put down his own roots—he has always been the independent sort and it’s no different when it comes to his plants. However, they both gladly use my greenhouse during the winter months.

My greenhouses have always held more than just potted children. My husband, Matt P., has given me a greenhouse at every home we’ve planted roots in. The first two he even built by hand — “Anything for my bride,” he would say. And so I’ve always believed, greenhouses have a way of romancing a heart.

My favorite garden by far though is my grand-babies “secret garden”. It was an idea Matt P. thought up—a hidden garden in our backyard where our grandchildren could pick and choose whatever plants they wanted to create a one-of-a-kind garden that was just for them. It’s now a hod5H4A4170-2gepodge of tall and short flowers and grassy plants. There’s no real rhyme or reason to it other than the joy that comes with watching it grow with our little ones. That joy never changes.

So this year, as I begin to bring my plants out of the greenhouse and place them back onto the porch, I’m reminded of how these little plants have the power to share lessons learned generations ago, and leave behind a heritage for our children to uncover and learn to love whenever they’re ready to start planting.

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