Meet Tiffany

Meet Tiffany

Meet Tiffany Fatheree, one of the dreamers, fighters, busy mamas, crazy creatives, and co-owners of The Findery. If you’ve visited The Findery, you may have met Tiffany—She’s always swapping design ideas with our visitors and ready to share her passion for style and re-imagining furniture.

A homegrown entrepreneur, Tiffany began her dream of having a space to inspire others when she started her first shop, Jute, in 2010. As Jute grew, Tiffany’s ideas for what it could become did too. After an unexpected purchase of the historic Percy Medicine Building, Jute began to morph into The Findery. Tiffany says when they sat down to dream up what The Findery would become, she knew immediately that it should be a place where customers could come and be nurtured– Not a place where products were just thrown together and customers could take it or leave it, but an experience where customers received one-on-one attention and had the freedom to dream up their own style.

Tiffany believes that style is a personal expression and that each individual brings something unique to the style realm—which is why she loves challenging people to think outside the current trends and truly own their particular style. As far as Tiffany’s style, there are two words to describe what she appreciates most—simplicity and utility. She believes that every piece should have a purpose and very rarely follows the traditional “style rules”. Her home is a perfect mix of clean traditional lines and unexpected twists.

Between staging The Findery, helping our customers, and making sure the heart of what we do at The Findery stays true, you can usually find Tiffany at home with her family, scheming up a project, working out at the ranch, fishing by the lake, or just relaxing on the back porch with a glass of wine. Even though they are self-proclaimed homebodies, the Fatherees’ never sit still long, but then again, their mantra is to work hard and enjoy it when they can.

Come get to know Tiffany better, and learn from her expertise! Whether you catch her dreaming alongside one of our customers or teaching a workshop on one of her favorite topics—chalk painting, staging, or milk painting—if you’re like us, you’ll leave wanting her to be your best friend.

Whether it’s chalk painting, home decor tips or questions about a special piece—Tiffany is your go-to for expert advice and tips. Interested in learning more about Tiffany? Fill out the quick form below!

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