There’s something about getting a little rust on my hands and digging through “junk” that adds to my love for antique and vintage finds. It’s as if the act is a form of modern day treasure hunting. With each retro enamel sign and forgotten farmhouse tool we find, I can’t help but think about the story that came before the discovery. Who were the previous owners? How did they come about this item? When did they let it go? How did it get here?

It’s the story that draws me to unique items, and makes sweating in the summer heat hunting for them, hands-down worth it. In my case, though, the questions about each item’s story doesn’t stop when we hunt them down. As soon as they make it back to The Findery, my mind starts to wonder how they will fit into your story. Where they’ll find their home in your house and what memories they’ll make themselves a part of. It’s an honor to add to your story, and quite possibly my favorite part of my job.

We’ve just brought home a load of loot from Ennis, TX. You can see a sneak peek of our haul below. Each piece is beautiful in its own imperfect way, and ready to become a part of your story— Thank you for letting us be a part of adding to it.


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