“Shabby Chic”… You would almost think it’s a swear word to some people. I hear this all the time, “How do I keep my home looking like a ‘farmhouse’ and not shabby chic?” No argument here, there is fine line between having a classic farmhouse look and nose diving into the shabby chic. I am a firm believer that shabby chic CAN look amazing if done the right way, but i’m drawn more to the industrial farmhouse look, so I completely get this concern. That’s why I’ve put together a list of 4 tips on how to avoid the shabby chic world and embrace your home’s inner farmhouse.

Mix Up Found + Bought Items
I think a lot of people get lost in antique stores when they are trying to create a farmhouse look. Unique Finds are definitely my favorite way to bring the character of a farmhouse to life and add that vintage look to a space, but if everything is vintage then you start to loose the impact these pieces have and start to create an antique store in your own home. Choose a few anchor pieces and a couple of vintage accents and then call it good—Fill in the rest with store-bought finds.

Use Woods and Metals
I love a good chippy-paint wood piece as much as the next gal, but too much wood can overwhelm a style pallet and make a space uninviting. My tip? Add in some metallics—It will add enough tension to your look that it will actually balance things out and add a designer look to your space. Start with Coppers—their unique sheen is the perfect gateway to a chic farmhouse.

Choose a Statement Light Fixture
My favorite place to splurge? Lighting. Lighting is one of those things that often gets overlooked, but man oh man, it can complete a look. If you are really wanting to hone in on the farmhouse look, spend a few extra dollars here.

Keep it Simple
Probably the most distinguishing factor of the farmhouse look is its simplicity. On the other hand, shabby chic can tend to look cluttered. When going farmhouse, you’ll want to keep surfaces clear and open, highlight clean lines, and be sure to embrace utility over frills to own an open floor plan (even if your home wasn’t built that way!). But the simplicity of the farmhouse look comes from the mindset behind it—getting back to the essentials and your roots. So when transitioning to this look, think of it as an opportunity to “de-clutter your life”. It’s a win-win in my opinion.


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