The Findery Boutique

Love. Style. Cozy.These are the words that guided us as we curated this collection to share with you. With Valentine's Day reigning in the month of February, we wanted to offer you some items that you frequently ask for--jewelry and purses and other great items featured in our boutique! With the cold weather that keeps creeping back in, we also wanted to make sure you could wrap yourself in something cozy.  Happy Valentine's Findery Family!

DM Merch Kedzie Modernist Crossbody

DM Merch Kedzie Modern...


Wine and Pink
Dark Grey and Light Grey
WH Gold Hoop Baguette Earrings

WH Gold Hoop Baguette ...


Opal Aurora Borealis
Savvy Bling Pink Disk Bracelets

Savvy Bling Pink Disk ...


Solid Pink
Clear Dark Pink
Hemlock Goods Bandanas

Hemlock Goods Bandanas


Warmies® Slippers

Warmies® Slippers


Marshmallow Gray