One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is creating a beautiful table setting for family and friends to gather around and enjoy. But as I sit down to dream up my tablescape, I always keep in mind a few key points: Is it meaningful to my family? Is the style something I will LOVE throughout the entire season? And finally – the most important question – is it usable?

This year’s brainstorm resulted in a table that I am so excited to share! I hope my holiday table journey can inspire your own!

When you think of a holiday table, the first thing that most likely comes to mind is garland and wreaths. Well. I absolutely love the look of fresh pine needles and foliage, but the thing with “fresh” is that it’s only fresh for so long and then it dies! So my table features some of The Findery’s amazing Zinc Leaves – they have such a unique look, but the best thing about them is that they will last all season long! Plus, these little guys look pretty amazing in so many different settings, so I know they will find a place in my home long after the holidays are over.

We also got a little creative and made vintage book placemats – They sound so much fancier than they really are, because guess what: These cuties are simply books from Goodwill; we ripped the covers off and then tea-dyed them. SO EASY (And cheap!). Be sure to tie them up with jute or some sort of ribbon because they can fall apart if little hands get to them!

One of my favorite aspects of our holiday table this year, though, is a tradition we have started – At each place setting there will be a card with a random name on it (not the person’s who is sitting at the setting!), and there will be a space to write something they are thankful for about that person. At the end of our dinner, we will all go around and read what we wrote. It’s something I love so much, I will probably do it at every holiday meal!

Finally, we come to the centerpiece. As you scroll through Pinterest and flip through magazines you will find stunning, grand, spectacular centerpieces that reach up to the heavens – and totally disrupt conversation! Keep it simple when it comes to your centerpiece, so that the real centerpiece of the holidays can shine, your family. I will be using a combination of cedar slabs and candles, simple and beautiful!

So let the festivities begin! Create a table that is beautiful, meaningful, and usable for you and your family to enjoy!


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