If you’re like me, the start of the school year is bittersweet. On the one hand, motherhood freedom is almost in reach, but on the other hand our babies are getting another year older and the chaos of beginning another school year is about to ensue. Oh, and did I mention we’re about to have homework again? Who knew homework was a life-long task.

So as we are finishing up our last vacation days of the summer, I’ve made it a goal to establish some routines that will make the transition back to school a little more peaceful this year, and allow mom to keep her sanity and be the mom she wants to be, and not the one stress turns her into. Anyone else?

1. Shop EARLY. It never fails, I always end up using the last days of summer finishing my school shopping and labeling. So this year, that ends. I am starting the shopping NOW! The kiddos and I are doing it a little bit at a time, which makes it fun for the both of us! My prayer is that they will begin to get excited about the school year by getting prepared in peace and not be deterred by my stressful mess. Maybe they’ll even look back on these days with a smile and a chuckle when they’re shopping for their own motley crew!

2. Productive Mornings. By far the worst part of going back to school is having to wake up early again— even for Moms. So this year we are making sleepyheads a thing of the past. We may not be getting up at the crack of dawn every morning, but we are working toward getting there bit by bit and at the very least, adding a little bit of structure to our morning— breakfast together, reading a book when we can, coming to work with Mom or Dad and starting the day off productive!

3. Set Up a Homework Station. I can’t lie, this is a fun project for me! This year we are creating a fully stocked homework station for the kiddos to get good work done. I may be going overboard, but I am decorating the space to be inviting, and even getting the kids involved so they truly do feel like it’s theirs. For us, that means hanging their artwork, letting them layout their desk space, and writing out their school year goals on a chalk board.

Finally, here’s my last tip: Do what works for you and own it! Motherhood can bring all sorts of self-conscious/competitive feelings, and I know it is easy to get down on yourself when the school year comes around. Guess what, though. You are doing incredible, and the very fact that you’d be concerned shows that you care about your little ones, which at the end of the day is all that matters. Who cares if the crazy seeps in, a little crazy is good for your lil’ hooligans.

Now, let’s go show eachother some mama-love and conquer this school year with a smile!


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