It’s easy to get stuck in what I call a “trend rut”. When you begin to look for inspiration in every home magazine and style blog out there, you may find yourself getting lost in what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’, further losing sight of what your taste and style really is. If you feel buried under a pile of do’s and don’t, it’s time to put down the magazines and have some fun with it.

Trends come and go. One minute shag carpet is in and everybody’s getting down and groovy, the next neutrals are the “end all be all” and clean and simple is the name of the game. Ultimately, style is an ever-evolving standard—so how do you master it? The trick is to stop working for the latest trend and make the trends work for you.

Instead of remodeling your home every few years, put your own spin on the latest look to create a home that is uniquely timeless. You don’t need a home straight out of HGTV to be stylish. In fact, I like to think the most stylish homes are those that are one-of-a-kind—The homes that boldly proclaim they are carefully curated by the homeowners.

The latest trends don’t dictate your unique perspective—so don’t get stuck on them! Instead, use those fads as a lens to create a look original to you and your family. Maybe that means letting your kiddos make their very own abstract art to hang on your walls, or perhaps you’ll let your daring personality shine through and use metallics as a neutral in a bold living room. Whatever it is, have fun with it!


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