A home should be a safe place to retreat to at the end of a good day, a bad day, a hard day, or just another day. It should be where you find comfort and peace and hopefully a place to recharge yourself to get up the next day and face whatever the world may throw your way.

Over the years, my home has become my safe haven in more ways than one. It’s that place that makes life seem normal, when it’s anything but.

While I love certain things about my home, it’s by no means a perfectly curated space like you may see when visiting The Findery. Sure, you’ll see touches of The Findery all over my home, but there are areas that aren’t so picture-worthy.

After living in this home for almost 3 years, we recently renovated the kitchen! New farmhouse sink, a fabulous new faucet, beautiful granite, and an amazing white mosaic backsplash that makes me smile every time I enter the kitchen. I couldn’t be more proud of this beautiful space, but take just a few steps and you’ll see a carpeted staircase that makes me want to cringe! No matter how many times I scrub those stains, new ones always find a home there.

Although I have my grandparent’s old dining room table and a coordinating hutch sitting in a dining room…I don’t actually have a dining room. Confused? We call that room the art room. The dining room table that was never really dined at was painted with chalkboard paint (oh, what would grandma think of that!) The hutch once housed all my beautiful china, but now serves as an organizational shelving unit for art supplies. The very first room you walk into when entering our home is the ART ROOM and I love it! It shows people that we have don’t take ourselves too seriously and that fun is a big deal here.







For me, making my home comfortable and livable are far more important that making my home suitable for the outside world. My home needs to be a practical space. While I used to want everything in its place before going to bed, I now surrender to the endless toys on the floor, the school papers lining my new granite, and the clothes laid out across the coffee table ready for the next day’s wear.

I don’t let myself sweat the small things anymore, because there are far bigger things to occupy my time and mind. My husband has a medical history longer that anyone should at the age of 38. The high points include Type 1 diabetes for 32 years, a highly weakened immune system, lung issues, heart issues, liver issues, blood issues, a 2015 cancer diagnosis. Fortunately, after 6 months of continuous chemo, he went into remission in the Summer of 2016!

Sometimes when I come home, I’m not only mother and wife, but I also turn into nurse and caretaker. Our first test of true illness came just days after our engagement and another big scare just 3 years into marriage. Almost 14 years since our I Do’s and we’re still facing new health battles each and every day.

When our home can go so quickly from laughter and giggles to the uncertainly of a looming ER visit, it puts things into perspective. I don’t need or want a home that can’t be lived in. I want my two girls to be able to make pillow forts, set up the entire playroom with every single doll we have, paint splatter to litter my dining room table, dress up clothes to cover the floors, and even a bedroom that can comfort a sick spouse.

The things in my home that make it “normal” and safe are the countless pieces of homemade artwork that decorate our walls. I adore the girl’s playroom where their creativity can run wild. What was a formal living room when we purchased the house, is now my home office filled with family pictures and 2 old screen doors that flank the wide arched opening, which are some of my favorite pieces I’ve found while out picking for the shop.  I find comfort in the deep navy blue that I painted my master bedroom recently because blues are my favorite! I love the swivel rocking chair that sits in my master because it’s where I rocked my babies when they were little. I love the sign that hangs over my bathtub to remind me of what’s important.

I love that the comforts of my home are rooted in pictures, 1stgrade artwork, the 4thgrade Alamo project sitting in my laundry room, the faux blue hydrangeas that sit on my nightstand (replicas of my wedding flowers)…not a shiny new vase or fancy new rug. The personality of my home is a reflection of the 4 people that live within its walls so that’s what makes it my very place to be!!


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