About The Findery

The Findery is where you will find everything you are looking for and everything you never knew you needed when it comes to furniture, home décor, and boutique items!  We are a unique and inspiring blend of antique, modern, and found—and that is evident even in our building.

Our building is truly an old soul restored beyond her original grandeur and has an allure all her own.  Percy Medicine built this landmark of a building in 1908 and the Fatheree family restored it to it's current beauty, while still paying homage to the legacy of the building—to include the naming of our in-house beer and wine bar, The Boiler Room, that is literally where the original boiler room was once housed. 

Our inventory thoughtfully curated and uniquely stocked, we promise you will leave inspired.  From uncommon finds for your home to statement pieces for your closet, The Findery will quickly become your place, like home.