Who knew Waco, Texas, of all places, would become a destination spot? But hey— I’m not complaining, our town is ready to welcome you with open arms! Magnolia Market has brought incredible people into our neck of the woods and we have LOVED getting to hear each and every one of your stories. We have especially loved getting to share the gems of Waco with you.

So many times we get asked, “What else is there to do in Waco?”, especially when mammas bring their kids with them— But before I answer that, let me pause and give you an encouraging word: I’ve been there, taking trips with littles can make you envious of those moms that “leash” their kids, something you swore you’d never do pre-motherhood. But let me remind you to give yourself a little grace on these trips— there will be hiccups along the way but someday they will be the stories you laugh at with your kids around the dinner table.

But for now, let’s get back to things to do in Waco with your kiddos. Here are my top six kid-friendly spots in Waco:

Cameron Park Zoo

The zoo is a must stop if you have littles with you- it will give them the chance to run and play in a space that welcomes it- rather than around the visuals of Magnolia Market or The Findery. Plus, Cameron Park Zoo, is also a not-so hidden gem of Waco, it has be awarded again and again for its exhibits— you might enjoy it as much as your kiddos.

The Mayborn Museum 

If your kids are as curious and creative as mine, they will go bonkers for the interactive exhibits at The Mayborn Museum. If you stop by, make sure you make it to the “bubble room”.

Cameron Park 

Does your family love the outdoors? Then save a little time to take a hike through Cameron Park’s BEAUTIFUL trails— They are truly an oasis in the middle of our city.

Waco Mammoth National Monument

My son is a dinosaur fanatic but prehistoric mammoth bones are the next best thing in his mind. If you have an aspiring archeologist at home (or you’re one!) then take a drive out to the Waco Mammoth National Monument— I promise you and your kids will love it.

Dr. Pepper Museum

What kid doesn’t love a Dr.Pepper float? Pull a seat up to the 50’s inspired soda counter after you walk through the history of this iconic soda pop— if you plan on visiting in the summer, this will really be treat after facing the Texas heat.

Texas Sports of Hall Fame 

Got a sports fanatic at home? Me too— they get it from their Dad. No matter what age, all sports-lovers will love walking through the Texas Sports Hall of Fame and getting to sharpen their own skills with interactive exhibits.


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