If you’re like me, life just never stops, and let’s be honest there’s no such thing as work/life balance. There’s just the crazy, messy, beautiful days we get to spend with one another. Between running things at The Findery, being a mom, wife, and all the other hats I wear, my sometimes frazzled brain has come to love simplicity—the other mamas out there can relate, I’m sure!

But in the midst of going, going, going, have you realized that you can create your own simplistic haven at home? Just looking at today’s style trends, you can see that our craving for the simplified is being translated into our homes. Usually, I’m not a fan of following the latest trends, I’m more of a create your own unique style kind of gal—but simplicity I can get behind, and with a new year right around the corner, I figure that now is the time to simplify.

But how do you simplify with all the crazy going on? It’s all about getting rid of the clutter and superfluous stuff, that presses down on our spaces—We have enough of this throughout our day with social media, emails, texts, phone calls… So take a deep breath and start to purge yourself of all that extra stuff. When you are dreaming up your space, make sure that everything has a purpose—that’s key. It will make deciding what to simplify so much easier!

When you are styling your room, use things that actually have meaning to you and tell your family’s story. In my own  living room we used two old doors that we have had forever as coffee tables. They are unique and storied, but also open up to additional storage so that everything can have a place, and with kiddos at home, that’s huge. It’s little tricks like this, combined with the freedom of decluttering, that breathes fresh life into spaces and a renewed sense of peace.

When I walk through my doors at the end of the day, I can leave behind the complications, unexpected hiccups and long to-do list of the day and step into my own little paradise. And the best part? Easy. My two little people and my person are snuggled up next to me at the end of the day.


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