Something I continuously hear when our visitors walk in The Findery is “wow”, and I mentally always respond, “I know Right?”, but I truly believe this response comes from our focus on staging and making our store “shopable” for our guests. So I want to take a minute and encourage aspiring shop owners, interior designers, and anything in-between with a few tips and tricks we use to stage our store.

  1. What feel do you want your space to have?

When someone walks in the door I want them to find themselves taking in a deep breath, feeling the quiet mood in the air and taking in the smells of my favorite candles burning.  It doesn’t matter if it is in the store or if this is in my home, because when someone remembers a house they stayed in years ago or a shop they entered, it often times isn’t just about what the store had on its shelves or how the house was decorated. It’s about the whole experience. It’s about how that space made them feel while they were in it, so these are the things I try to harness when staging.

  1. How will the guest relate to the space?

When it comes to staging it’s all about the customer or client seeing the vision but being able to visualize it in their home. Keep it simple. Because here’s the key: You want to continuously change the look of your space. Our goal is to always have the store evolve to keep people interested and wanting to come back to see what we will do next. If you can do this well you can be the ones to set trends, not just follow them— that’s what we aspire to do.

3. What makes this space stand out?

I personally like to stage an entire living room and showcase found objects being used for a different purpose. This is where you can be creative and have fun.  Use an old tool box on a coffee table for remote controls, use an old chicken coup (cleaned of course) hanging on the wall or sitting on the floor with rolled up blankets resting in it.  Instead of using a new tv console, find an old vintage cubby or counter and add more storage to a space. If you don’t have a coffee table use old bins stacked on top of each other . This week I used a cigar mold on its side and slid little white stemmed flowers out of the holes of the mold for a vase— Once you start looking for unique uses for these items the ideas will come flooding!

But it isn’t always easy to jump into staging. It took me several years to really create my style of staging for The Findery. I needed to find what worked for me the same way you will eventually find your own staging style. The important part is to JUST START! You’ll figure out what works for you along the way!


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