My household is Christmas obsessed. Okay, well maybe it’s just me. BUT! That means November 1st the holiday decorations go up in my house, and even though the house may look quite christmasy, we still adore the Thanksgiving holiday and all of our simple holiday traditions.

Family traditions are one of my favorite topics of conversation. They always carry such warm memories, hearty laughs, and remind us of how thankful we are.

Thanksgiving for my family is spent out on our family’s ranch. We bake pies all afternoon when the kids get off school: pecan, chocolate, lemon meringue, and spend the days & nights hunting – Well I should say, the kids and Matt go hunting, it would break my heart to shoot a deer! Thanksgiving day is spent in the kitchen, chatting over countertops, coffee can pumpkin bread, and the most delicious dressing that’s ever graced the face of the earth – My mother and father-in-law are dressing gurus (and they’re sharing their recipe with you – Check it out below!). The men fry a turkey out back as we gather around for an afternoon spent laughing at the many memories over the past year.

It’s simple, but it’s us.

So, What are your family’s traditions? What are the stories that you retell every year around the table? I would love to hear the heart of your family, and I’m grateful to share the heart of ours.


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