We create beautiful, picture-perfect vignettes to inspire your home at The Findery, but often times these are the only picture-perfect moments in our day. Real life is messy for us— Working with your family isn’t always easy, kids don’t always understand why we have to be at work, dinner doesn’t always get set at a gorgeous farmhouse table, sometimes dinner doesn’t get cooked at all.

That picturesque farmhouse lifestyle is all well and good to dream of, but in reality we don’t always have the luxury of time to take things slow, linen couches get stained and torn, plants die from neglect, and we forget to be grateful for our roots. So let’s not pretend that we have it all together, because our messes are some of the most beautiful parts of ourselves. Those face-plants and moments of craze will become the stories we pass down to our kids and grandkids, they’ll become our heritage of authenticity.

The farmhouse look may be beautiful, but really we’d rather have that farmhouse mindset— The idea that all this fuss about perfection and success falls to the wayside when family comes onto the scene. Sometimes that mindset is found in a beautiful farmhouse kitchen and other times it’s found in the back of a messy suburban— we’ve learned to be fans of both.

Keep on inspiring,

Tiffany & Marci


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