Our warehouse was never supposed to see the light of day. As an old HEB Grocery Store, it was lacking in looks and was a little bit scary to be honest. It’s sole purpose, when we purchased it, was storage. A block behind The Findery, it was the perfect location, but when our guests began to realize we had this storage, requests to see what we had in our ex-HEB began flooding in.

To be honest, at first we didn’t get it, but as we began filling the space with more and more of our inventory, we began to imagine another storefront where you could come to be inspired. With the open layout and major square footage, we could see larger unique finds being brought in— both redone pieces and pieces in the raw, to allow you to reimagine them yourself. We also began dreaming up a space that would host workshops to teach you the tricks of our trade. The only problem was— It was a little ugly.

Thankfully, my family is always up for a design challenge and so we got to work— A fresh coat of paint, a few hundred Sweet Potato Crates, some handy work and a new AC later, The Warehouse has come to life. But don’t be fooled, it took months to get it to where it matched our vision for the space, and A LOT of sweat.

The Warehouse has evolved into one of our favorite projects. It is not just simply an extension of The Findery. No, The Warehouse has it’s own personality. Most people don’t realize this until they walk in, but when they do, the reaction is always the same— “wow”. The Warehouse has it’s own distinct merchandise, featuring more unique finds, larger items, better deals, and more diverse home decor. It’s a work in progress, but a work of love. So take this as your official invitation to come visit it this summer! You’ll leave more inspired than you came, and just maybe with a few incredible deals.


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