Ever wonder what it would be like to work with your family? Curious about how we create our inspiring designs at The Findery? Want in on the madness that is our lives sometimes? Well GET READY! Because we are about to answer all those questions and more with our new Instagram account!

That’s right, my family is about to take over Instagram with our account, @TheFinderyFamily. We are SO excited to share all the behind the scenes actions and our hearts for what we do. We love The Findery’s official Instagram account— It is a place where we can inspire and share what is new in store— but we wanted a place to be more authentic and connect with you on a more personal level, cause let me tell you the day to day in my family is not as picture-perfect as The Findery’s Instagram.

So take this as your official invitation to follow along with us. You’ll love it if you are a fan of laughing until you pee, #truthbombs, and DIYs!


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