Oh how things have changed. When I first started making trips out to Warrenton, I was going to fill a little 10ft x 10ft booth I had at Spice Village— where my heart for the unique began and my dreams of becoming a shop owner were first encouraged. With $500 in my pockets (if I was lucky), I would scour for the diamonds in the rough and pieces that leaped out from stacks of “junk” with inspiration. Looking back these are still the pieces we look for today as a family, but now we bring home the pieces I would drool over in the early days— and confession: sometimes I have to bribe my husband into letting some of the pieces we buy find a home in our own rooms.

In those first years that I made the trek out to Warrenton I would bring along my twin sister and my mom and we would endure the sometimes grueling days in the sun together, laughing and scheming together as we made our way through the fields. At the end of the day we would make our way back to a hole in the wall motel and stop at Walmart to pick up cereal and bowls for dinner and crash together at our very glamorous adult sleepover— our bodies sticky with dirt and our feet throbbing just a tad.

This year we made the trek out to Warrenton again, as we do as a Findery family twice a year, but I couldn’t help but be reminded of those seedling years that laid such fertile ground for the dream that The Findery would one day blossom into. We brought home four full trailers, 3 truck beds, and a full suburban of goodies and spent a chunk of change that I use to only dream of coming to “the fields” with. We laughed and schemed as business partners and family, and I was reminded of how grateful I am for our story. Never would I have imagined that I could own a beautiful storefront like The Findery, in fact when I dreamed of owning a store, I had something more a long the lines of a renovated gas station in mind! Not a multi-story building and warehouse! But oh how rich our story has been of unexpected blessings and support— who would’ve thought that my family would rally around my dream like they have and add their own vision to it as well! So here’s to other people’s junk becoming our treasure and being reminded of how valuable our roots are!


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