With temperatures rising and kiddos talking about the impending last days of school, summer is undoubtedly just around the corner. Even though in Texas, we have lazy seasons that don’t show up as often as we like, I still love to embrace the change of the season with my home decor. There’s something about coming home to a haven that echoes what nature is doing that brings new life into a space. Plus, it gives me an excuse to spruce up my home’s look— not that I ever really need an excuse.

I think that “re-decorating” can be extremely daunting to most people though, and I totally get it! I don’t want to put something in my home that I don’t LOVE. But transitioning your home decor to reflect the season doesn’t have to be stressful! There are three elements to your decor that can easily be swapped in and out with each season that come and goes, that will make a BIG impact on the look of your home.

Throw Pillows: These little guys make a huge impact on a space. Unlike what my husband says, these aren’t just “fake pillows”— He can’t stand that we just throw these off of furniture to get comfortable or go to bed. Throw pillows can really set the tone for a space and be an opportunity to bring in new colors and textures to fit the season. For example, for summertime months use light airy colors, or maybe bring in a dip dyed pillow, but once fall starts to creep in, think about changing to richer colors— maybe a rust color pallet or knits.

Centerpieces and Place Settings: Tablescapes are by far my favorite way to switch up the look of a space. In my house they change season by season— and sometimes week by week. There is just so much inspiration our there that sometimes one look isn’t enough for a season! Use found objects, florals and greenery that match the season to create your look and don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Wreaths: Probably the easiest way to change the tone of your decor for each season is simply switching out the wreaths you use (or deciding to invest in one!). Whether it is a classic magnolia leaf wreath or a hoop of greens and vibrant florals, these pieces will help you transition from one season to the next.


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