One of my family’s favorite traditions is treasure hunting for unique finds. We search high and low for items that will bring a sense of authenticity and originality to a space that you can’t find at any old store. Whether it be thrifting at the local “junk” shop or my very favorite—a trip to Warrenton, Canton, or Round Top—Searching to see the potential in long forgotten items is something that will never get old in my book.  I think it’s the fact that these items carry so many stories that makes me so fond of them. They are steeped with untold history, and by giving them new life we are getting to add a chapter to that story.

But the treasures we bring home almost always need a little love and imagination. Sometimes that means giving an old worn down vanity a fresh coat of chalk paint. Other times it means seeing a piece in a whole new light and redefining its purpose and use.

For example, one of my absolute favorite pieces we have in The Findery, are a set of old medical lockers. They are beautiful in all their paint-chippy-glory and even had a doctor’s name still printed on one of the doors when we bought them. Since The Findery is housed in the old Percy Medicine Building, the medical lockers were a must-have in my mind. In fact, I ran through market to claim them the morning they were officially up for grabs—Yes, like a crazy person, but they were so worth it! Now those lockers hold some of our favorite items and have lovingly transformed into one of the prettiest displays we have in store. Who would’ve thought that those lockers that held tired doctor’s coats would now hold treasures for our customers to find!

Unique finds—they are my favorite thing to uncover and share with you. Each item brings its own story, and with a fresh look, they are ready to add to your home’s own story and richness.


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