Waco, “A City with a Soul”, a phrase that was coined in 1915 by Herman E. Morris, in his poem that celebrated the rebuilding of hope and community in a city that could have been forgotten.

Herman E. Morris' poem printed in the Waco Morning News on Jan. 2, 1915.

Herman E. Morris’ poem printed in the Waco Morning News on Jan. 2, 1915.

I suppose this is where WacoTown really started. He pens—

“I love a virgin city “With a soul”, Responsive to an altruistic call. Among her fond admirers I’d enroll, and urge a “Greater” Waco to her goal.”

As I read his words, over 100 years later, his affection still resonates so deeply within me.

This is what makes Waco home: The community that rallies together, the people who love without question, and the idea that we are never done improving—Waco has undeniable soul. Waco welcomes us, those of us who believe in these virtues, and serves as fertile ground for dreams to sprout from the life-giving community here—we are a part of Waco’s soul.

The phrase was adopted as Waco’s slogan for decades. It was the banner above Waco’s growth—as the city was built, families moved here, the community rallied around the poor, and space was made for new business and home-grown dreams. That same momentum has continued into 2016. We are still living Herman E. Morris’ dream, and now we celebrate it again.

“Waco, A City with a Soul” is proclaimed again in our updated mural design. It sings of the journey we have forged and the future we look expectantly to. It celebrates WacoTown, and its’ rich history adds to the great legacy the 254 continues to build.

We are proud to be a part of The City With A Soul, and we hope you are too.


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