For me, my job isn’t just a job—It’s a calling to serve others, to serve you. And around this time of year I am reminded of how important that calling is in my life. I’m so thankful to live in a time where we encourage people to chase after dreams and invest in meaningful work, but too often I think meaningful work gets boxed into a select few career paths, when really meaning can be infused into any line of work when you look to serve others.

Whether you are a business person, a super mom, an artist—really whatever hat you may wear—there is a place to give yourself to service. I’m convinced of it. Some careers may have a more obvious place of giving, but really service is as easy as a simple shift in mindset, from me to you.  In my work, I want to reach past design jobs and be a source of love and encouragement in my clients’ and friends’ lives. When you walk through my door I want you to feel like you are at home and at peace—Even if it is in seemingly simple ways, I want to serve you.

It’s funny how simple service is and how often we can get caught up in ourselves. But it’s that change of heart and gift of a feeling, that makes our work steeped with meaning. So today, take my challenge and whatever you do, serve others.



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